104-106 Bolton, Rd Darwen

Stone Grilled Steak

Flames Steakhouse in Darwen is a great destination for local quality dining with a fully licensed bar, friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

New & Innovative

Flames first opened its doors in 2017 to offer a new and innovative dining experience to the residents of Darwen and Blackburn. We provide a destination for dining locally without having to venture out into the city for a good dining experience. Flames is located in an old public house that has been substantially renovated and transformed into a beautiful setting with exquisite new and refined menu offerings.

Stone grilled steak is a unique and interactive dining experience where your meals are served cooking at the table on 400 degree heated natural volcanic stones. Because of the high temperature of the Stone Grilling method, the meal cooks faster without adding oil or fats and locks in the natural flavours and nutrients which makes it one of the healthiest and tastiest methods of cooking that enables the customers to enjoy their meal freshly cooked to their own personal liking.

It is a fun and delicious way to enjoy your meals and the friendly staff at Flames Steakhouse are always eager to explain the concept of Stone grilling and advise you on any of the menu options.